Ladders are a very useful tool when used properly. This time of year especially, we might start to need one. No one needs any special permit to own and operate a ladder, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we know the correct way to use one and be safe

Unfortunately over 164,000 injuries are caused each year in the United States because someone was using a ladder incorrectly or in an unsafe way. Many of these injuries have been fatal, so its appropriate to look at how can keep safe while using a ladder?

Safety tips to think about:

Always climbing up and down a ladder, just to move it a fraction can be very tedious. Its an essential thing to do though, as overreaching on a ladder could be fatal.

Its crazy to think, but the majority of people who have died from falling off a ladder, fell from 10 feet or less. Over confidence when nearing the bottom of the ladder is something to be aware of.

Safely place your ladder in a secure position before climbing it. Even if you don’t have to go up very high, an uneven or shaking ladder is very dangerous.

Ladders placed in doorways that aren’t locked pose a real risk, not only to the person on the ladder, but also the one opening the door.

Whether you are confident on a ladder or not, be very careful not to skip rungs when ascending or descending the ladder. This is very hazardous and you could easily loose your balance.

Try not to leave a ladder unattended. If you haven’t personally secured the ladder, then do not use it until you have checked it yourself.

It can be very tempting to start using your ladder for things like holding building materials, or creating some kind of ramp, but this is ill advised.

Please keep safe while using your ladder this season.