As we have considered in a previous article, when building a home, its good for the design to incorporate natural energy by savings such as solar and wind energy. What are some more ways this can be done:

Windows are a very important factor in the design of a home. Windows allow for the transferring of heat a lot quicker that walls, so although, depending on the home and climate its good to have a lot of windows, too many is not good either. The type of window should also be a consideration. A low-e type of window could be a good energy saver.

The orientation of the driveway is also a big factor to consider. Driveways are usually made of asphalt or gravel which can get extremely hot in warmer months, this can then affect the home. When designing the home, think about the climate and how to maximize energy with the correct positioning of the driveway.

Although many factors are considered when designing a home, one factor should be to maximize the energy from prevailing winds. Can the home be oriented to benefit from good breezes in the summer and also shield against cold winds in the winter?

As we can see from this simple summary, a huge factor in a homes design is good orientation that maximizes the useful energy of the natural elements around us. Please feel free to contact us with any advice you may need.