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As home inspectors, we appreciate that the background and experience of your potential home inspector is important. You want a home inspector who is not only educated in homes, but also has hands-on experience. That hands-on experience is very important for really evaluating the issues, but the “book” knowledge is very important for fully understanding what is going on.

In that regard, we are very proud of both our training, and our background. In addition to being  experienced home inspectors, we have a broad knowledge of homes, construction, building science, and construction design. We gained our hands-on experience through 15 years in the construction and maintenance industry. This experience has served us well and helps us to give the best home inspection to each and every client.

Corona CA Home InspectorsIn addition to all of this, We took the extra step to be an InterNACHI Certified Professional Home Inspector.

InterNACHI is the world’s largest home inspector association and has the world’s best home inspection training, the strictest Code of Ethics, and the most detailed Home Inspection SOP.

We inspect every major component of your home, from the foundation to the shingles….. And EVERYTHING in between. At Inspectra Home Inspections, you don’t hire us just to report on defects that may or may not exist, we explain the functionality and required maintenance of each component in easy to understand language, so YOU have the tools and knowledge to maintain your new home. We can’t wait to inspect your new home!

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